When it comes to BDSM, people love their gear. You become a gear head. Wanting the best of the best and with great quality. If you are going to go into the fantasy realm and be in a different headspace – you want particular things curated for such a journey. Whether it be leather hoods, full body rubber suits or all the wide arrays of silicone toys to really make one tingle from deep within. In a world of brand name things, why not crinkle in some brand name diapers?!

Well enough of the time out and waiting, here’s the thick wet stuff you’ve been waiting for. The top 10 diapers for diaper lovers by the diaper pup that introduced me into this lovely world of play, my puppy Deviant Kade and a very good boy, little Draven Navarro

1. PeekABU by abuniverse

Okay, if you’re going to be in a diaper, might as well make it a really cute one right? Their front images are of some super adorable furry animals. These are very thick also have decent crinkle. And most importantly a whole lot of absorbency which means it can hold a ton of pee, not a whole actual ton of pee (that must smell awful!) but 6+ wettings – whilst also getting really puffy. The tapes are strong and stretchy which makes for re-diapering easy. You can get them scented or unscented but we all know you’re going to put your own scent in it, ewy.

2. MegaMax by NorthShore

These ones come in pink or white and is a great form fit. You’ll be sure to want that snug feeling safe and protected, especially from leaks with these tall leak guards. It offers lots of thickness with a decent amount of crinkle. They can hold a ton of pee, again, maybe not a ton’s worth of pee but 6+ wettings and after that it’s really how far are you willing to go with them! Not to mention their large, heavy-duty refastenable tape tabs.

3. Galactic Diapers by Tykables

If you want to go to the moon or Mars with a certain Daddy or Mommy these are the diapers for you. The overall print will make you feel like you’re in outer space. The tapes are Velcro so it’s easy to fix tapes if they don’t fit correctly, can’t have you walking around all lopsided with unsymmetrical tapes now can we? Unless…. that was intentional for odd waddling. These offer a lot of absorbency and are great playtime diapers.

4. Inspire by Rearz

Let’s bring it back to the simpler times where there was only playtime, feeding time and changing time. These plain white diapers will give you that nostalgic feeling. Super thick and are great for daytime and nighttime diaper wearing. They are pretty bulky so there’s no hiding these ones!


5. Simple Ultra by abuniverse

These classic old-school, vintage all white diapers fit extremely well with waistband and thigh bands – tall leak guards are where it’s at. Very thick with a good amount of crinkle. Their absorbency also holds as much as other ABU diapers of 6+ wettings. You can also get them scented or unscented, but I mean it’s not going to really cover up that stinky smell now is it little one?

6. ConfiDry by Dry247

If you’re looking for…err…listening for that extreme crinkle, these are it along with a high thickness. They also hold a lot of pee but not as much as Megamax or ABU, but I mean how brave are you? Maybe 4 wettings, but nothing that plastic pants can’t change the number of. 

7. Super Plus by MoliCare

Sadly, these are discontinued. Let it be a lesson that nothing good lasts forever and to relish in the moment. Also to stock up when you know that they’re going to discontinue because you’ll sure be glad you did making them feel all the more precious. These are Plastic Backed, the new model isn’t as good as the old one as the old model has a very nice crinkle and thickness factor. There is a light purple color all over the diaper along with a fluffier fit and feel than other diapers.


8. Goodnites

Simply that, if you want a good night, sleep in one of these. They are super cute for a pull-up diaper. As they are made for kids to be worn to bed only to prevent wetting sheets it really holds 1 wetting, maybe 2. If you’re wetting the bed thinking about your dominant having their way with you – these are sure to keep that mess of yours in, who knows you might even have to eat it for breakfast! Deviant Kade is a slim and small pup about 5’10 and weighing at a measly 135lbs an XL fits his body size well.


9. BetterDry by NorthShore

This is an interesting one – all the wetness fills in the front making you have a very saggy front heavy diaper. It’ll make you feel very swelled up as the front gets very thick on your legs. A small amount of crinkles but what they lack in crinkles is made up in thickness.


10. Maxi Slip by Tena

Another boo hoo as these plastic backed ones are also discontinued (but maybe just no longer available to the US as we are on time out). These were Deviant Kade’s favorite daytime diaper due to its extremely well fit and extreme amount of crinkle. Could hear him waddling around anywhere – there was no hiding it! These aren’t super thick which was the only downside but was a plus if you’re wearing them for the day time and hiding it under clothes. Although there was no hiding of the crinkles though so are you really hiding it? They can be pulled very tightly and keep their shape with the tapes not snapping or peeling off. Still holding a good amount of wettings around the 3 or 4 mark.


And there you have it, the top 10 diapers for diaper lovers and adult babies. Try all the different ones out there and find the right ones for you. Or more like the right one for the right occasion even if it’s an everyday occasion. Think of them as mood diapers, changing them as your mood does. You can buy most diapers from NorthShorecare.com or XPmedical.com. And remember, if it isn’t wet – it doesn’t need a change.


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