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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Read everything here before you email me with a question. I don’t like to repeat myself.


What do you preferred to be called, Goddess? Mistress? The Ultimate Asian Domme? The Adorable Domme?

You may refer to me as Miss Mae. When serving me anyone can be Goddess or Mistress, but I want my name ingrained in the front of your mind of who you are truly serving. Also, Miss Ling sounds like my mother.

How do I know you’re the right Domme for me?

If you are looking for a one night Domme, service top or just looking to satisfy an itch – I am not for you. I enjoy building a long term connection with my subs and molding them to be better.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and classy Domme – I am not for you.

I enjoy being a silly Domme next door, with schoolgirl bully vibes. Doesn’t mean you can’t take me anywhere nice or I don’t clean up well, but I am the unsuspecting ‘innocent’ sweetheart. I enjoy to be comfortable rather than in Louboutins and a super tight dress. Again, doesn’t mean that I don’t like to do this from time to time, just not all the time.

If you are looking for a strict authoritative Domme – I am not for you.

I am super silly! You will be laughing at my jokes and afraid at the same time. Play is fun for me and I intend to have the most fun!

If you are looking for a sweet adorable trustworthy Domme – I am for you!

You must pay me to be mean. Being a Domme doesn’t mean that I am a Domme 24/7. I am a naturally happy and kind person. Kill them with kindness and you can also get more bees with honey.

Can someone so adorable be so cruel?

So many have thought that because I am a sweetheart that I am unable to hurt them. Good, keep thinking that! Your mind will crumble and fall quickly once you realize what a sadistic sweetie I truly am. Weeee! Did that hurt? Oops. XD

Do you travel?

I love to travel! New experiences, new flavors, new kinks, new toys, so many new things! Not only does it satiate my breeding fetish, but I enjoy a change in scenery to refuel my creative juices. You may see my travel plans on my travel page and if you don’t see your city on there, you may always fly me to you.

I would love to have you come to my city. What does that entail?

You would be covering my airfare, my hotel and on top of that my tribute for the time that we spend together.

I emailed you, why won’t you respond?

This could be a multitude of reasons or combination of the ones below:

  • the email was excessively long that I didn’t want to spend any energy reading it
  • the email was stupid and I didn’t want to spend any energy entertaining it
  • the email contained questions that could be found the answers to on this page
  • the email got pushed down with the massive pile of new emails
    • send tribute to remind me to resuscitate it
  • the email was low effort, so I will not put in any effort at all with a response
    • Hi, are u avail?
    • Hey baby, text me

I receive a lot of emails every day. Want my attention? Want to stand out from the crowd? Make it concise and to the point and send tribute attached with it to ensure that it gets priority.

Are you available now?

No, I do not take last minute bookings. Even if I were available, I require a 48-hour minimum to vet you. Just like any fine dining experience, you must make your reservation in advance. Be sure to contact your references to have it ready to expedite this process.

If I have served you before, do you take same day bookings?

You know better than to book me last minute if you have served me before. And whilst I am booked out three months in advance, my schedule is in flux and changes daily due to cancellations and life changes. You may respectfully request to book a session with me and if the stars are aligned and I have an opening, I may slide you in and open you up. Bear in mind you will be expected to bring additional tribute for your poor timing.


What are your favorite kinks?

Definitely 100 percent, ball busting! Nothing like a good CBT. Combined with diaper play, role play, bondage, forced bi action and top it off with a good old slut training. I mean sure I like other things too, but these one’s in particular make me jump up and down with glee. You can refer to my interests page to learn more about my other kinks.

Do you do full toilet training FTT?

Yes. That is correct, I offer FTT now. Keep in mind that I do not go on command. Some things are out of my control – like my own bowel movements. However, I have found a routine that works for me and am able to go naturally at a certain time frame. Not sure if you’re ready yet? Take it at your own pace and consume it by means of takeout or pick up.

Can I be your toilet paper?

Unless you a square white piece of soft paper, no.

Do you offer Ruby showers?


Do you offer Roman showers?


Do you offer showers?

Yes, you may shower in the hotel or wherever the session is to take place to clean up afterwards. Please shower prior to seeing me as well.

Do I have to bring my own toys? (diapers, chastity, clothing, etc.)

While I have my own toys, I do enjoy playing and trying out new toys. Have some unique pieces? I love hands on learning with using you as my guinea pig. If they are items such as chastity, diapers, sissy clothing, please bring your own! I do not carry chastity devices that fit every size. I do not carry diapers that fit every person, think at how heavy my bag would be! Nor do I carry every brand, so if you have a particular one that you enjoy because of the way it swells or crinkles, bring them. I do not carry sissy clothing that fits every body size, nor shoes that fit every person. 

Do you allow messing?

For my ABDLs out there, I know I am the rarest of all Mommy Domme unicorns – I will grant you the opportunity of messing your diaper for my entertainment.

Do you have a real cock for me to suck?

In Las Vegas, I have a stable of bulls and beautiful trans cocks for you to try to please. Even if it’s just the tip.

Do you wrestle?

While I wrestle with many hearts and always win, I do not offer wrestling sessions on my own. I prefer to be in the ring with another Domme or Dommes. Doubles or multiple domme sessions for this is always more fun as we all tire you out and pin you down.

Do you do any medical play?

While I tried to be the good Asian daughter and went to college with the idea of becoming a doctor, things didn’t go quite as planned. Now I play the role of one – Doctor Domme. Although I do not partake in heavy medical play, I enjoy things such as sounding, staples and needles.

Do you have friends that I can also impress?

My favorite! I love bringing in my vanilla girlfriends and blowing their minds as I toy with you. It is always a good time and loads of fun and laughter.

Do you have a femsub that I can serve you with?

In Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle and Portland I have my femsubs who are eager to please and serve me as I wish. You may serve alongside and behind them as I enjoy watching my pets play together. Or you may always fly us to you.

I am a service sub, here to make your life softer by running errands and doing and gathering odds and ends for you. How can I serve you?

While in Vegas, I have 2 puppies who cook, clean, chauffeur, do my laundry and pick up my packages, I would say my stable is rather full there. However, I do adore service subs especially while I am traveling. There are so many things that can occur whilst traveling and I prefer things a certain way. If I am coming to your city and you’d love to welcome me to make my stay the best it can be, you may approach via an application on my website and offer specific services and skills you have to offer. I prefer your availability to be open whilst my stay to satisfy my every whim.


I’ve never sessioned before, what does a session entail or look like?

Time spent with me is precious, it will be as if time had stood still and gone by too fast. We will start with a negotiation (yes, you’ve already stated your desires in the application – but some things change in the very moment and I will allow for you to communicate that). After negotiations, I will lead and guide you through a series of delectable things to please me. Finally, I reserve time at the end to wind down with aftercare.

I’ve never sessioned before or it’s been a very long time since the last time I’ve seen a provider. Can I still apply to serve you without references?

I am happy to be the first and pop your session cherry. If you have no references, I will require a photo of you holding your photo ID next to your face and possibly your LinkedIn profile to do a thorough safety screening for myself.

I’ve never sessioned before and am unable to provide my photo ID for my own privacy reasons. Can I still apply?

No, you are a complete stranger to me and while I respect your privacy you must respect my own safety measures. You may apply to serve once you have seen another provider and they are able to provide you with a reference.

My reference hasn’t responded, what do I do? I really want to serve you.

Be sure to ask your reference to provide you with one first. Give them a heads up and thank them for their time and effort with a tribute. They are busy and may not have the time to review all emails, so ensure yours is a priority by attaching it with a tribute.

What is your session tribute?

Tribute is dependent upon session activities and location. You may submit an application on my website and provide me with the information to receive my tribute rate.

I cannot afford your session tribute, are there any other forms of payment that you may accept?

Other forms of payment do not pay for my bills. Gifts are gifts, not a form of tribute. The amount you spent on the gift does not get deducted from the tribute.

Does the deposit go towards the total session tribute?

Yes, you are to bring the remainder of the session tribute minus the deposit at the time of the session.

I still have a few questions to ask before I send the non-refundable deposit, can I ask them?

You may email me your questions and concerns, but it should not take 15 emails before you decide to book a session. Do not waste my time and be sure you read this page completely first.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens and that there are things that may affect you from doing what you truly want to do and serve me. However, canceling on me affects my schedule and takes away from the time in which someone else may have served me. Hence, there is a $200 minimum deposit for sessions that are less than 2 hours and 30% deposit for sessions more than 2 hours. Do let me know as soon as you can so that I may reschedule my day appropriately.

Cancellations within 72 hours of the date forfeit the deposit; unless rescheduled within a week from the original date where the deposit will be forwarded.

Cancellations within 48 hours are required to pay 50% of my tribute.

Cancellations within 24 hours are required to pay 100% of my tribute.

On the rare occasion that I cancel, I will allow you to reschedule.

Abusing rescheduling or canceling will result in the loss of privilege of serving me.

Are you accepting new clients?

Lucky for you, I am. I love playing with new toys and breaking them in like a nice shoe.

Do you accept women/trans/etc?

Yes, yes, yes – I believe in equality when it comes to those who are able to experience the bliss of submission to powerful women. As a queer who is pan amorous, I welcome all to kneel before me.

Do you accept couples?

I love playing with couples! It is so much fun to strengthen a relationship and add in some specific quality time. You learn so much more about your partner and it’s beautiful to watch a relationship grow stronger.

Do you teach couples?

Yes. Often times, one partner is more dominant than the other but isn’t sure where to start out. Watching, experiencing it and learning hands on is very beneficial to not only the relationship dynamic, but individual growth.

I have read everything on your website and am ready to serve, how do I book a session with you?

For first timers, the only way to book the initial session is by completing the application form. Follow my process and you will find yourself kneeling before me.

I have served you before, but it has been over a year, do I still have to complete the application?

Yes, I like to keep all information up to date. Things may have changed, your desires and experience has changed and I want to know.

Do I have to complete the application process every time I wish to serve you?

No, the application process is only for new subs and those who haven’t served me in a while. If you have served me recently and wish to book another session, you may simply email me to schedule.

What if I am unable to make the session?

You will communicate this with me immediately as it effects my schedule. You may reschedule using the same deposit within 30 days from your session date. If it is over that time period, the deposit becomes a gift.

Post Session

What happens after a session?

After a session, you may still feel like you are riding the highs of our session for another day or you may feel a sub drop. You’ve released a bunch of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin during the session and now you are depleted. This may look differently in every person, but make sure to take care of yourself. Eat something good, do something that makes you happy, cuddle up in a soft blanket. I will email you to check in and you may also leave me a review testimonial of our time together. If you catch yourself continually thinking about our time together, let me know by sending me a tip.

What is Domme drop?

Domme drop happens after a session where the dominant feels low in energy and down emotionally. She too has released various neurochemicals and exhausted herself in curating an experience with you the previous day. She is creatively drained and must replenish in whatever way that may look like for her.

How can I ease your Domme drop?

Aww! So sweet of you! I love it when subs continue their servitude and truly care about bettering my life and contributing to it. Honestly, dark vegan chocolate is something that will melt my heart. Combine that with a gift card for a massage or spa and I will be floating on a cloud like a Goddess again.

What is your favorite chocolate?

Vegan dark chocolate! I found one in France that I quite enjoyed but forgot the name and now am on the lookout for some other delicious things. Honey Mama’s is always a wise choice, although the downside is that it must be kept refrigerated so be aware if you are transporting it across the lands to me. Yes, this wasn’t very helpful – but I am in the process of trying multiple different kinds until I find the unicorn of chocolates.

What is your favorite coconut water?

Harmless Harvest is my favorite brand. Not only is it pretty with its pink color, it is delicious! I do enjoy pulp though, so I’m quite bummed that this brand doesn’t have one with pulp. Think I’ll love another brand with pulp? Get it for me!

What are your favorite flowers?
While I have a skill of killing plants, I do enjoy flowers as they are meant to die after some point. I prefer ones with less pollen, more color and fun vibrant arrangements like my personality. Red is far too cliché and I actually hate roses.

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