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Serving Miss Mae was a wonderful experience.

Communications before the session with her assistant, Lady Ren, were well organized and prompt. They left me reassured I would be in good hands.

Meeting Miss Mae was loads of fun; she is as genuinely delightful as her online content would suggest. And she did a fantastic job of keeping things light while we got to know each other even though I was a very nervous novice. From her questions, it was clear she had read my application to the last word and had prepared thoroughly for our session.

Which was amazing! She responded to the interests I’d expressed with a well thought out scene while playfully improvising with elements that presented themselves in the moment. Throughout, she made me feel safe to dive happily into forms of submission I’d barley admitted to myself I was interested in.

All the stars!!

little crowd pleaser

Miss Mae Ling along with her Domme partner Dadi Iris expertly identified what my wife and I truly needed out of our time with them and managed to give us both a thrilling, unforgettable experience, seamlessly combined into one fabulous scene. Unexpected pleasure for her and additional frustration for me… The adorable Domme runs a precise yet artful mind game in which you ultimately realize you got exactly what you craved all along and more.

baby b

i discovered Miss Mae Ling on a well known website and proceeded to read and watch everything i could about Her to see if we might be compatible for an in person visit. Well, what you see and what you read is exceptionally well presented, but still pales in comparison to being with Her in person. Adorable Domme? Oh my, yes! More than just beautiful. So full of positive happy energy, very intelligent and intuitive, creative, spellbinding and devilishly controlling. She had me before hello. i could not resist wanting to amuse and impress Her. i was Her helpless victim as we progressed through her favorite activities: rope bondage, simulated forced bi, baby play, and erotic games that she had to win at my expense. Through it all her seductive encouragement and frequent laughter had me wishing our time together would never end.  This brief summary of our session might sound exciting, but it too pales in comparison to all that really happened and to the privilege of spending time in Her company.

slave j

Miss Mae is an upstanding professional who really listens to the clients wants and needs and delivers a perfect tailor made experience. As a little I feel most comfortable existing in that space when doing any scene. She seamlessly incorporated all that I asked of her, without pushing me out of little space once. I finished my session with my mind blown, experiencing things I never would have thought I could have before. I strongly recommend anyone in her area look her up and have a session with her.

Baby A

Miss Mae really was the adorable domme. I very much enjoyed our time together. She made me feel comfortable and helped me explore things I had yet to try. I felt immense happiness being her baby girl.
When I got to the hotel, she was super friendly and we talked a bit about ourselves before starting. I admitted to being nervous which she took in stride. The best part was how teasing yet also caring and loving she presented herself. Her decisions were cute, organic, and spontaneous. Even during unfamiliar territory, I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Even after the session was over, I went down on my knees and gave her a big hug.

I fully plan on seeing her again. And I thank her for a wonderful time.


Miss Mae is an incredibly insightful and perceptive artist who provided me with one of my most memorable experiences. After years of struggling to fulfill my husband‘s diaper play fantasies, I held out little hope that I would get anything out of the session we booked with her. At best I hoped my husband would enjoy it, and thought perhaps I might find an appropriate way to join in. I had no idea that Miss Mae would turn things around, making it one of my most pleasurable evenings in many years and giving both of us precisely what we needed from our time with her. She led our dinner conversation with some questions which we answered honestly, and from that she was immediately able to design an experience that was precisely what we needed. Our play time was immensely pleasurable for me; I felt quite decadent in my enjoyment. She and Dadi Iris left me with the most delicious memories, which I will savor for a long time to come.

Lady L

Miss Mae Ling is knowledgeable, intelligent, attractive, and has that natural spark of genuine sadism. A combination that lead to a unique and unforgettable experience. We were even able to explore interactions that until now I was unable to find anywhere else.


I met Miss Mae for the very first time for a 4 hour Dinner and Domination Session in Las Vegas. I was struck by her beauty when I met her at the restaurant and found her to be very easy to talk to and very smart, and always in charge throughout our time together. Miss Mae was a pleasure to talk to and I loved her laugh. Our talking over dinner helped me to feel a little more comfortable with me serving her, but when we reached the hotel room my mind was running wild not knowing how the rest of the night was going to go. Serving at the feet of Miss Mae was overwhelming and exhilarating, and wonderful all at the same time. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you do have the opportunity I highly recommend having a session with Miss Mae. She will make you feel alive and wishing it would never end.


Where do I begin? Miss Mae took me for a ride. She tied me down so there was no escaping. Me and my cock I so eagerly wanted to just stroke to orgasm were stuck there. No pleasure for me until she said so.I still have the bruises on my arm, legs and cock to prove it. She opened me so wide, I was trembling. I still can’t walk right. She sat and laughed while I…, my hole still leaking from… My only regret is having to wait til she’s back in my area. I might just have to follow her on her travels with the hope she allows me to try and serve her pleasure again.

boy slut

I am so grateful that I finally had the opportunity to meet you Miss Mae and submit to you. You are much more intimidating and stunning in person and I feel like nothing is more important than seeing you whenever possible and serving you. I hope I can learn to be better and more useful to you over time.


Miss Mae is a unique blend of the sweet girl next door from your childhood, and the ruthless domme that haunts your nightmares. She is beautiful, smart, and funny as hell, and we laughed our way through our time together. Nonetheless, it was clear from the start that she had absolute control of everything, and without ever raising her voice or being forceful in any way, I immediately capitulated to her whims – not because I wanted to, but because something deep inside was unable to resist. And that’s the most incredible thing about Miss Mae, while she is certainly capable of screaming orders and causing great pain like any other domme, she has no need to. Her ability to weave herself into a person’s mind is extraordinary, and soon after we had started, I had forgotten what I had wanted from the session and was focused solely on pleasing her. This led to a mind space that I had never explored before, and ultimately to an inner peace and contentment that I’ve only rarely known. Miss Mae then responded to the catharsis this evoked in me with incredibly sensitive, gentle and, most importantly, sincere aftercare. I could have lived in that moment forever and hope that I will once again have the chance to return.

Unexpected Enlightenment

I had been anticipating my session with Miss Mae for a long time, and she did not disappoint. I’m the type who has kinks that I’m completely embarrassed to admit to, even to my girlfriend.
When we spoke, she had remembered things that I had forgotten since. When we discussed my fantasies and interests, I never felt like I was being judged (for the first time in my life). I was exhausted from work when I met her, and within minutes she had given me my second wind. And promptly beat it out of me.

During our session, she remembered and applied ideas and fantasies I had harbored for years, and found ways to help me indulge in them with me realizing it until, you know, it was far, far, too late. By the end of our session together, I was a shaky mess, a feeling I had not experienced in years. Her tone is sweet and her tenderness made the humiliation that much more powerful as I squirmed beneath her heel.

Miss Mae is a kind, adorable, understanding, and sweetly sadistic domme, who I would serve forever if I could, and cannot recommend enough!

lilttle susu

I recently had the opportunity to serve as Miss Mae’s bitch for multiple days while she attended an event. I would be responsible for being at her beck and call by making myself available 24-7 if she needed or desired anything. Some of my duties included gathering snacks, picking up food and beverages, restoring a pair of sneakers, assisting in a photoshoot, chauffeur, car cleaner, and shopping assistant.

The concept of being one’s slave takes on a different meaning and feeling when you step outside of the dungeon and are used in this way.

This type of service may not be for everyone but for those who dream of being in the charge of a beautiful dominant woman there can be no higher honor than being allowed to serve in this manner.

At no point did I witness Miss Mae being anything but authentic in her dealings with me and it all seemed to come quite naturally to her while at the same time treating everyone around her with respect.

Treat Miss Mae with respect, generosity, and integrity whenever you are interacting with her and see what kind of impression you make, and maybe you too will know the joy of serving this high-class dominant woman in a way she will enjoy and appreciate but you will remember for a lifetime.

slave mike

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