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Application to Indulge with Miss Mae

Inspire me with your desire to serve and I will create art with your body as my canvas.

Please allow for 1-3 days upon receipt of your application for an email response from Miss Mae Ling. If you have not received an email response, check your spam box. My typical email hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm PST.


Session: Mask On/Mask Off

If you are fully vaccinated, yes, we can play without a mask. That’s right, you will be able to see my gorgeously adorable smile – the reason why you do anything I tell you to. Vaccinations cards along with ID are required to be verified. Did you lose your vaccination card? You will need to provide me information/email confirmation that you have been fully vaccinated.

Not vaccinated? Our session will be with a mask, which means anything including the use of that hole is off limits (any consumption, spit, breath play, etc.). If you are not vaccinated, a negative covid test is required within 4 days of the session.

session with mask

Dinner and Domination (4 hours)

There is no rush in serving me. I prefer to take the time to get to know you, the more I know the better I am able to use it against you; and perhaps even dominate you discreetly in public. Let’s play with all of our senses.

Strictly Domination (1-2 hours)

Let’s get straight to it. You have a limited amount of time and are looking for me to put you in your place immediately.

Double Domme or Vanilla Girlfriend

Testing your limits of serving more than one superior woman. The more the merrier, especially sharing my toys and showing off my power and control over you. You’ll recall the roars of laughter from multiple women forever.

Social Outing

I enjoy taking your servitude deeper than just behind closed doors. Get to know me and my preferences and be of better service to me. Have the honor of being seen with me in public.

New clients, this is the only way to book a session with me. Complete the application below thoroughly and be patient with my response. If you have seen me before, you may email me directly.

Make a good first impression, whether I choose to play with your or not will be based off of this.
List acts and fetishes you'd like to explore with me and what you have experienced in the past that you've enjoyed.
eg. humiliated, nurtured, depraved. Elaborate why.
Hard limits: eg. specific phrases, activities, places I should not touch, PTSD, etc.
e.g. recent injuries / diabetic / have a pacemaker / on blood-thinners / epileptic / history of heart attack or stroke / surgery / knee pain / back pain / metal implants / ED
eg. May 25th 4pm - 9pm. Be sure to review my travel page to ensure I am dominating in your city.
Minimum 90 minutes
You consent to me taking photos and short videos of the play session for my social media. You may revoke your consent after reviewing the content.
City, State, Country - Check my travel plans to ensure I am in your desired city at the desired time.
For sessions in Las Vegas, Miss Mae prefers outcall.
Miss Mae requires a non-refundable $200 deposit of the session fee for any bookings. You must reschedule at least 8 hours before your booked time to transfer your deposit to a later date. Rescheduled booking must be scheduled within 30 days from cancellation. Any cancellations or no shows under 4 hours will forfeit your deposit. Let me know if you are going to cancel as soon as possible.
Include name, email address and websites. When did you session with them and where? If you've never sessioned before, write N/A. Once a date and time has been chosen, a non-refundable deposit along with a photo of your government issued ID next to your face. This will not be used for anything other ensuring my own safety.

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Traveling to Portland
July 23-27 2021

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