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Nonjudgmental dominatrix, holding a safe space for exploration.


Miss Mae Ling is a well educated world traveler that has evolved to break away from the social norms. Always learning, curious and full of passion and love. Leading with my heart I’ve been able to surround myself with beautiful people. I have put the quest for self happiness above all else and discovered natural highs unlocking a path to hedonism. Enjoys challenging people intellectually, physically and emotionally in order to create a deeper human connection. Thrives off of creating intense situations that make you question everything you have ever thought about pain and pleasure, your own sexuality and merging fantasy with reality.
Quit my job in order to liberate my individuality, seeking artistic inspiration and nurturing my creativity. Kink became a big part in my life and having to hide it was a lie that I did not want to continue.

BDSM became a lifestyle for me when I realized how therapeutic it was to harness my dark past traumas and let it lead me to forgiveness. I became boldly confident, accepting and loving of myself. Learned from every caress, kiss, spank, bite, squeeze just how beautiful I am. Radiant light shines with every glint of my eyes and curvature of my soft lips.

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5’4″ or 163cm
Shoe size 7.5 US or 38 EU
Naturally long straight black hair
All natural
Petite, athletic, flexible body
​No tattoos
Size small


Based in Las Vegas, NV

I do not smoke, drink alcohol or do any drugs. Come to me in your purest form, no distractions or you will not be considered. There is zero tolerance for intoxication

Discretion is of utmost importance when interacting with others, but I am open about my lifestyle in the hopes to spark an interest and make it easy for first timers to take the leap in tasting their desires. 

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Currently in Las Vegas

Traveling to Los Angeles
January 13 - 16