Everyone loves gifts! In fact, it’s even a love language. Speak my language, show me your sacrifice in caring about my well-being and self-care and contribute to bettering my life.

Occasions to Celebrate with Me

February 1st

Chinese/Lunar New Year

February 14th

Valentine’s Day

March 8th

International Women’s Day

September 20th

My Birthday!

December 25th

Christmas Day


Cash, money, tribute, cryptocurrency is my most preferred gift. With this you are buying me time off of work, time to feed my creative energy, relaxation from the hustle and investing in my happiness. This one truly makes me smile and warms my heart as though the experience, the bond, the connection you have with me is priceless; paying for my time allows me to be comfortable and refreshed. Naturally, I will gravitate more towards those who pay more.

Tributes may be sent through these platforms: Onlyfans and iwantclips and clips4sale – keep in mind these platforms take 20% of the tribute. To ensure I receive 100% of the tribute, you may send it via Cashapp, Venmo or cryptocurrency. Cash can be sent to my PO box below. I do not accept PayPal.





Bitcoin Wallet Address


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Chainlink Wallet Address


Gift Cards

As a minimalist, I thoroughly enjoy experiences that enrich my life by sharing life and its passions with others. A part of this is traveling and immersing myself in the cultures and being inspired by the wonders of the world. Spending time frolicking outdoors in nature naked is what heals my soul and feeds my mental health. To contribute to my travels, you may send Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, hotels.com or Amazon gift cards to the email address missmaeling (at) gmail (dot) com or you may purchase a physical gift card at the grocery store and send it to my PO box at the address below. When sending e-gift cards, be sure to only write “Thank you” in the memo. You may send a separate email with a message that you would like to add. Writing things in the memo is the easiest way to get us both banned from the gift card service.

Mae Ling
8465 W SAHARA AVE STE 111 # 403
LAS VEGAS, NV 89117-8902
United States

mae ling nature


Yes, I prefer the taste of these better than the ones I create – I greatly enjoy gourmet dark chocolates. Sure, life is like a box of chocolates, but when I get to pick and choose to my preference it’s always a delicious bite every time. Caviar is a luxury taste that’ll do well in balancing out all the sweetness from the chocolates. Both can be procured and shipped to my PO box above.

To keep me looking fresh, young and extending my Asian genes for as long as possible, my skin adores the Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair Serum. This can be found at Sephora stores or Amazon. Bring it to me and watch me radiate glowingly.

Fetish Gifts

For such gifts as – leather, toilet, implements, bondage gear, etc.: I am very selective in the things I acquire, I will purchase these items myself or with you on a shopping trip. I prefer to actually feel, look and touch the items rather than purchasing online as quality is a must for my toys. A shopping trip also allows for discreet public play. To book a shopping trip, please complete the application to serve.

For lingerie, my measurements are

30 – 28 – 34

For clothes and pantyhose, I mostly fit

size small

For shoes, I am

size 7.5 US or 38 EU

Wish Lists

For little things that add happiness to my life you may find on my Amazon wish list. For other items that I love without giving that money to a giant corporation, you may shop from my Marigold Wishlist. These gifts have been chosen by me. Simply purchase with a click and it will be sent directly to my PO box.

Currently in Los Angeles

Traveling to Las Vegas
Nov 10-13