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When does a dominatrix work?

“I am horny all the time and want access to her now.” Well, too bad! Consider serving and spending time with me as an elevated experience. You must plan in advance and book well in advance. “But she is all knowing and the omnipotent one in my universe, she must be everywhere all the time.” No, there is only one of me. Although I would love to have a clone of me to do doubles with and my admin work.



I respond to emails to book sessions Monday to Friday, 9am – 9pm. Trying to get me over the weekend but missed that time window? If you are lucky and I happen to be on, you will get a response, but I wouldn’t do any breath play on your own here waiting for me. I understand that although you work throughout the week and only have the weekends off in order to delve in such delectable treats, I also work throughout the week and yes, I give myself time off as well.


In person sessions are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun from 9am – 9pm. Yes, I cherish my sleep and enjoy winding down at night so my last session is at 9pm. Weekday sessions are my preference as I do like to have my weekends to myself and friends. You may apply to book a session with me through my application


Want to chat with me or feel my domination virtually? You can, as I am online throughout the week and weekend from the morning until evening all days of the week. There is no set schedule as I go on quite often and when the mood strikes and am feeling extra spicy. As a Gemini, I’m awful at routine and schedules so even if I made one, I wouldn’t stick to it.


NiteFlirt | SextPanther

The sound of laughter, sweet voice, controlling every cell of your being just by listening to my every command. Whilst my intense travel schedule doesn’t allow for a consistent phone call appearance; the typical times in which you would find me available on here are Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm – 7pm PST.

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