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Darkside Magazine Issue 38 |  3.28.2022

How to Strap-On

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How to Introduce Taboo Kinks to Your Partner

Tryst Client Guide | 03.04.2022

Interview with Dating Kinky

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subspace Magazine | January/February 2022 Issue

Gestures, Diapers, Pornhub

Erotic Awakening Podcast | 12.21.2021

kink queens mae ling

Interview with Kink Queens

Kink Queens Magazine Issue 39 | 10.20.2021

Giantess Fetish Kink XXX-plainer

Erika Lust Lustzine | 09.14.2021

Telling Vanilla Partner about AB/DL

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Telling Others about AB/DL & Diaper Fetish

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Diaper Fetish Kink XXX-plainer

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Interview with Sinsearch

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7-Page Spread Featured Interview

Slitz Magazine Issue #30| 05.04.2021

Diaper Panel with Natasha Strange

Your Kinky Friends | 4.14.2021

mae ling

Incest, Diapers, Taboo, Food play, ASMR

Off the Cuffs | 4.07.2021

Interview with Nicholas Tanek

Your Kinky Friends | 3.30.2021

mae ling

Interview with Masocast

Masocast Podcast | 3.28.2021

KEM Top Talk Interview

KinkE Magazine | 12.22.2020

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How Consensual Non-Consent Can Be Healing

Girl on the Net Guest Blog Post | 10.04.2020

Interview with Licking Non-Vanilla

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Miss Mae Ling Debuts on Cam With Femdom Empire 

AVN Media Network | 7.01.2020

Close Up With Miss Mae Ling

Clips4Sale | 6.15.2020

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Interview with DommeAddiction

Domme Addiction Blog | 3.31.2019

Currently in Athens, Greece

Traveling to Oslo, Norway
May 25 - June 11