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My interests encompass many kinks and my approach to them is an eccentric one. While I do enjoy many things, here is a narrow list of what I particularly find to be most enjoyable for myself. Do not let it dissuade you from respectfully requesting to incorporate other kinks. For some unique individuals I particularly like to indulge in things that I may not normally do as that specific individual has inspired me partake in such an act.


CBT | Ball busting

One of the first things I did before I knew I could even do it professionally was kicking men in the balls. There is a visceral sense of joy that tingles throughout my body as I watch a body keel over after a good kick. There are so many ways to torture those precious family jewels. Let’s see how much they can put up with.

I don’t have too many videos on this because I feel like it doesn’t quite translate well via camera. Nothing beats feeling the balls under my feet.

AB/DL | Diaper Play | Mommy Domme

Diapers! A newer kink of mine that was actually introduced to me by my puppy is diapers. Now it’s one of my favorites to play with. No, I’m not just a regular babysitter or care taker, think of me more of the schoolgirl bully who dares you into wearing them because you wet yourself.

I have plenty of clips on this and as you can tell by my enthusiasm I want everything to do with diapers. So many of the other kinks mix in with it so well. Like a kink pairing. Don’t know where to get started with which diapers to wear? Read my blog post to find the right one for you.

mae ling diaper

Group Humiliation

Sure, there’s regular humiliation which is delicious in itself; but what really makes it an intense reality is when you are humiliated in front of a group of women. A roar of laughter and commands as we all violate you and make you do horrid things. The energy of multiple dominant women in one room, it’s a party with you as our entertainment. Or perhaps putting on a show for my vanilla girlfriends. Watching the shock across their face and their jaws dropping in awe of my power fuels my very being.


Slut Training | Forced bi

I enjoy forced anything. Watching your face as it contemplates my pleasure is the best. One aspect is watching you suck it! My goal has always been to stretch someone’s holes wider than they can open their mouths. Consider anal yoga or contortion. It’s so much fun to watch people bend over backwards and waver their sexual desires just for my own amusement. Why not make your coming out a party and call in my bull.

Get started on your training with these clips. Read this blog post about whether or not participating in this kink would make you gay.

mae ling wartenberg pinwheel

Not particularly a kink, but I do enjoy holding space to heal those who endured sexual trauma. BDSM has helped me reclaim my power and I love to use it to help others start living their true life again.

This may or may not be a kink but it is now – I love dominating other Doms/Dommes! Nobody understands you better than one of your very own. Always holding space for others, you deserve to have that space held for you. Whether it is for you to understand what it is like to be on the other side of the dynamic or to embrace the dichotomy that is within yourself; allow yourself to submit and let go.

Of course there’s also the controversial money fetish. I believe that in every aspect of a power dynamic there is one that hits greater than any blow, one where an individual works so hard to heal a wound. After all, as a submissive it is your duty to make my life easier and more comfortable. It pleases me that you work so hard to soften mine.

Asian Domination

Whilst English is my preferred language, I am capable of dominating you in Vietnamese. You do not need to understand what I am saying, you will feel my words crawl under your skin and stand up ever single hair. The Asian dominatrix of your dreams, is real. We can also take it one step further and go into a taboo deep end of race play. 

Hard Limits

Yes, just like you I have my own boundaries. No, I am not here to kink shame anyone. I like to keep an open mind so the things that I have listed below are kinks I have tried and do not particularly interest me.

Foot Worship

Are you shocked? Surely, you think every Domme offers foot worship! I used to and when I did, it just didn’t feel authentic to myself to have someone lick my toes. I do enjoy a good foot rub but when it is as a service, not some mediocre touching while the individual gets off. After all its about my pleasure.

While I do have some clips on it, it is no longer an interest of mine. Unless I use them to humiliate someone with, like stepping on some food and shoving it down someone’s throat. I know what a cruel tease to include a photo.


Even if you let me win, which I always do – I would rather not. This kind of physical interaction is tiring and I’d rather not put myself at any risk even though it’s just playful. Again with exceptions, I do enjoy putting someone in a good thigh hold. Watching their face turn red and blue, weakening under my powerful legs. Like I said putting someone in it – not actively struggling to do it.

So you may enjoy these clips here and fantasize about it.


Full Toilet Training

This one has been a huge curiosity for me. A part of it pulls me to try it and the other part gets poop shy. Yep, maybe if the stars align with my bowel movements and you’re the one I feel safe exploring it with – it could happen. But it won’t be planned, a sporadic spontaneous moment of joy.

As you can tell I love talking about it and would love to do it…someday. Until that day, you can watch these clips here. You may also inquire about my truffle delivery service.

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