Spring is in the air and so am I. I love to travel and on top of it all, literally dominate the world. After hibernating this winter in sunny Los Angeles and Las Vegas – yes, anything that is below room temperature is cold; it is time to make some assholes blossom now that the flowers are out. Going back to some of my favorite places: Seattle and San Francisco and some new places across the coast and the sea.

Miami, FL    March 20-27

First stop of my tour, another sunny spot. I will be sun bathing and getting that vitamin D in between whipping the pool boys. Multi domme sessions will be prioritized with the Goddess Girls. Double domme, triple domme or let’s make it a party and get Mistress Mercy, Miss Kay Lynx and Miss Diosa Bella Banx and myself all in one – can you handle us all?

mae ling hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii     April 7-16

If you can’t tell, I have fallen in love with Hawaii. This time I will be on Oahu, specifically Honolulu. So while some of you may think my life is a vacation – well it’s because I make it my reality. Nothing like sipping on some fresh coconuts while you can have a taste coming straight out of me. Any recommendations as to where to eat or favorite local spots would be appreciated, or better yet – you can take me there…wearing my panties.

Seattle, WA     April 24-27

I told ya, I’d be back. Apparently the flowers start to bloom around this time of year and I am all for challenging my allergies for beauty. I do enjoy eating oysters and using its aphrodisiac powers to tease you, quite delicious. Book a session and maybe we could do all 5 of these ridiculously shameless things to do in Seattle.

San Francisco, CA     April 27-30

My last stop of the tour before I go on an international trip to Athens, Greece for the Femdom Gala. Not only will I be stuffing my face with dumplings from San Francisco’s delicious china town foods but I will be shoving my Ling into your face.

Athens, Greece     May 13-17

I will be attending the Femdom Gala amongst many elite Dommes. Multi domme and double domme sessions will be prioritized with the guests that are attending. This is a rare opportunity, so book your session now that I am in Greece or you’ll just have to fly all the way to Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Book your session early before my schedule fills up. Try to get your fill of me even though you’ll still be thirsty no matter how much I allow you to drink. After the trip to Athens, Greece I will be taking a month off to relax, recover and nourish my own cup with international travels with friends – no you’re not invited.


What city do you want me to dominate next?

Comment below and who knows, I might call your bluff and show up.