Just admit it, you’re a perv. A kinky individual that just wants to constantly knock your socks off. Whether you are in Seattle for a business trip, pleasure or live there, try completing these 5 kinky shameless tasks. If you are there for business or pleasure, it doesn’t really matter if someone will see you doing it. If you live there, well isn’t that just the fun part? The potential of being caught by a friend or family member. Ooo yes!

Wear Panties Under your Clothes and Walk Around Pike Place Market

Simple enough, pretty discreet honestly. Kind of boring? Needs more spice, hm? Wear a thong, bring it back to the 90s and make that whale tail is visible. O the place is crowded anyway; you think someone will see? The answer is yes, they most definitely will. Will they point a finger at you and snicker to their friends? Will you be matching a super-hot babe? Will someone pull it up and give you a wedgie? O the possibilities of what could happen are endless.

Take a Photo of Seattle’s Space Needle Up your Butt Hole

This one will require you to go a bit out of Seattle itself. Far enough and high enough or whatever angle is best to slide it in so that you’re able to position the space needle tip at your butt hole. I mean people take kinky photos with tourist monument all the time. This one just happens to be so aptly shaped to fit into one’s bum hole. Which actually, now that I think about it, a lot of tourist monuments are perfectly shaped to be put up a hole.


Take A Photo of your Balls Next to Bezos Balls

Are you in Seattle or in Jeff Bezos’ Sims game? Sure sure, they’re named the Seattle Spheres, but truly it’s Bezos Balls. These three cylindrical, glass-enclosed structures are both a workplace and a jungle. So do be aware that there are plenty of workers inside, pedestrians outside and most likely cameras all around. This task is a tricky one or you could just be bold and do it without a world of care.

Eat Oysters Like You’re Eating Someone Out

O my goodness, oysters in Seattle are mouthwatering delicious! My favorite place is Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar. Oysters after all are said to be an aphrodisiac, where they can stimulate desire. I firmly believe that if you wish to stimulate anything you must carry it out with enthusiasm. Is that desire to worship your Goddess’s most intimate private parts, drown in her juices and be utterly used for her pleasure? Well show Her what you got. Obviously, you’ll have to entertain Her and prove that you have the necessary skills and are worthy of such a position.


Play Kinky Games with Miss Mae Ling

If you’ve been following my travel plans, you could apply to serve me in Seattle. But be forewarned, you will be doing much more than just the 4 above kinky tasks. Kink is my nature; it seeps out of my very pores. Sometimes you just need a little push and motivation to get out of that comfort zone and do it. Doing the above kinky tasks are fun, but with the added flare of my presence, a tweak of the task for a greater reward or a hint of competition for the game itself. Remember, I set the rules and conditions, perhaps it is even fixed. Be sure your head is in the game even though it’s a game you will be losing as I always win.

What shameless thing have you done in public?

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