What is Gay?

Can experimenting with forced bi change your sexuality? First off, let’s start off with the definition of gay. What is gay? Wikipedia explained it as “a term that primarily refers to a homosexual person or the trait of being homosexual. While the term was originally used to mean “carefree”, “cheerful”, or “bright and showy”.” Then why is it that doing an act, such as performing fellatio on another man not seen as carefree and cheerful? Why isn’t it thought of as, the submissive being showy to entertain his Mistress or Domme by doing such an act? Instead, majority of the time the thought of being gay comes with a negative connotation. Instead the individual shivers at the thought of how committing an act could change his whole sexual orientation and completely threaten his manhood.

Gays have been hated on for quite a while and still are to this day in the United States. The reasons are varied and wide, but it is also done by those who secretly despise how free gay men are in their sexuality. How carefree and cheerful they are in their sexual fantasies. Perhaps “straight” men feel threatened of their manhood from another man. Whatever it may be, there has been a negative connotation with the word gay. And that fear of a label, the fear of a word, the fear of what said word is associated with a certain individual, it can deter someone from doing what they want to do.

Not only is there a fear of being labeled as gay, but also some guilt in indulging such pleasures. The excitement of it being once labeled as wrong just now seems so enticing to do! But again, can’t just go off and do it on your own, that would make you gay, right? So how about we bring in a third party who forces, coerces or manipulates you into doing it. You were under Her immense power! You had no other option but to suck that cock in front of your face. Well, it’s much easier to absolve yourself of that guilt when you’re doing it to entertain someone that is way out of your league – let’s call it impressing Her. Forced bi was forced upon you and you couldn’t resist it.

In order to do something in a BDSM scene, kink session, there needs to be consent. Which means you consented to sucking that dick. You did not just trip and it happen to have landed directly in your mouth. There is a curiosity deep within us, a hint, an itch, a little seed of thought that grows for some of what it’s like to do a sexual activity with someone of the same sex as us. Call it compersion if you will. If you’ve had your dick sucked before, perhaps you wonder what it’s like to be on the giving end. You’ve experienced such delights of pleasures before, what’s it like to illicit such a reaction from someone? Do you think your dick sucking skills are just as good or even better than that you have received?


Sucking Dick for Her Delight

Perhaps you are service oriented. Especially when that someone is a dominant female. Your ideal Domme would find it extremely entertaining to have such control and power over you to use you to pleasure another man, to bend your sexuality and mold it to her liking. The amount of power She holds, coercing you with Her seductress manners or full on forcing you to suck that cock – either way She gets what She wants and you will give it to Her. At that point you are serving him orally, deep down inside of you as he is deep down in that throat of yours, you are doing it to please Her. In whatever shape or size your servitude may look like, you know you are making Her happy – one dick at a time…or more.

Forced Bi to Increase Humiliation

Sure, you may be able to have taken everything else thrown at you. Nothing just cuts you deep anymore like it used to. No thrill in it, you’ve been pissed and shat on but you still feel like a man. Desiring something that’ll take you deeper down that rabbit hole is a humiliation that makes you go against your sexual being, your sexual preference, your sexual beliefs. If you are a cis heterosexual male about to drop to your knees to feel alive as a dick hardens in your mouth, what kind of a man are you now? You can justify it thinking that you are not gay, you are only performing a gay act. How many times must you perform an act until you desire it yourself and seek it of your own volition? Is it gay if you are seeking a Domme to “force” you to do this? As that melts your mind while a dick melts in your mouth, keep telling yourself, you are just experimenting something new. This is just merely research and we need much more data. Be the test subject and commit yourself to the study, keep sucking dick and find out.

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