Summer just got hotter. No but seriously, I feel like every summer is hotter now these days. Good news for you that means less clothing and a whole lot sweatier me. I know, that sweet stench…now amplified. Too bad I haven’t found a way to bottle it up…actually, I have and sell it! But let’s be real here, nothing is as potent as when you get it straight from the source. I know, that’s hot and all but wanna know something else I am offering this summer? You lucky cucks can also get something freshly squeezed and milked from my boyfriend whose jizz will be your new meal or facial. I love giving facials with jizz, really helps your skin. Perhaps you’ll be so entranced by my charm that you may end up doing things you will regret. So where will I be dominating this summer?

Starting things out in San Francisco! San Francisco is a city I frequent and although it is summer, it is a place to escape the heat. Since you’re all in some weird micro climate thingy by the bay. No, I won’t be stopping by San Jose or Oakland but San Francisco is so close, you can come to me (if I grant you permission to). Doubles with Goddess Faustine Cox along with vanilla girlfriend sessions are also available.

My most frequented city – Seattle, WA my second stop. I will be available for doubles with Dadi Iris on June 28 & 29. Multi Domme sessions will be available as well as vanilla girlfriend sessions. Seattle summers are one of my favorites which I will be allowing discreet public play with dinner and domination sessions given priority. Love me some good Seattle seafood.

Portland, OR – I am back! This time I will be offering doubles and triples with Domina Elara and Dadi Iris. This trip is also a birthday celebration for Dadi Iris and Domina Elara, which means you have the glorious opportunity to serve us and celebrate with us. What will you be? A piñata, a whack a mole, a cake slut? The possibilities are endless but I do love me a good birthday session with you as our entertainment.

Boston, MA where a lot of you call me Mama Mae. Of course there’s others who do not, but somehow this city is just full of my favorite diaper boys and butt sluts. Keep in mind, I am only here for a short time of a whopping 2 whole days. Which means, book early to secure your spot! It’d be a shame if you missed me.

Washington, DC for 3 days. While it may be short, DC seems to know how to really jam pack things into a short time frame. Vanilla girlfriend sessions are also available in this city. When everything is go go go and so rushed, slow it all down with me. Drop that phone and city life and put me first. You’ll thank yourself and me for me.

Pittsburgh, I know some of you may think, why Pittsburgh? Well this town left an impression on me the first time I went last year. It is an absolutely cute town and seems to have hiking trails built into the city with stairs and bridges – a city enveloped in nature. With that said, the subs there aren’t so bad themselves 😛

Before you go applying straight out of that Batcave you’ve locked yourself in for the pandemic, be sure to do your research to ensure you have a higher success rate in booking to serve me.

  1. Do you know yourself? In order to present yourself to me, know what you are looking for and hoping to experience. Read that here.
  2. Do you know my requirements and protocols for booking me? Read that here.
  3. Not sure if you want to book me? Read some testimonials here.

Don’t see your city listed here? Well then, put on a diaper and cry me a river. JK, go ahead and comment on this blog post to put in a vote for me to visit your city. You never know, I might actually go there and call your bluff. Ready to double down after that?