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How to Book a Session with a Mistress


After all of the admiration from afar, the pacing back and forth of whether or not if you should take the leap and just do what your heart truly desires. You’re finally ready to take the first step towards true servitude. How intimidatingly nerve racking! Your fantasy and dreams so close, your heart quivers at the thought of it. Well, let’s not fuck up the first impression then as there is only one of those and it’s so hard to fix once it’s been done. Especially with a Mistress that uh well, you want to impress. Of course, every Mistress has her own protocol and rules to follow on how to approach and book a session – this is mine. So read carefully as I lay it out step by step on how to come about kneeling before me.

Step 1 – Contacting the Mistress

Use the appropriate channel to contact your Mistress. Which means, do not use any of the platforms I am on (SextPanther, Niteflirt, Onlyfans, StarsAVN, IwantClips, Clips4Sale, etc). Contacting any professional on those platforms puts their account and yours at risk. And well you can imagine, that puts you at a very bad first impression. Threatening my source of income for your silly question – not worth it. So how do you contact a professional then? Read their website! Scour their website to the ends of the earth to find the contact page or an application to complete.

The first step in contacting me to book a session is to complete the application form on this page. Have questions before you complete the application? Go to the FAQ page, see if it is answered over there.

Email is my preferred method to communicate. I understand that some of you are concerned about discretion and keeping things private – I suggest creating a new email which makes this possible then. Do not ask me to break my protocol and rules to make an exception for you. Any friction with the booking process and it puts you in bad taste.

Step 2 – Response from the Mistress

You actually will not be getting a response from me. If you have passed through the hoops of my questionnaire and answered them with quality answers and showed authentic intent of servitude you will receive a response from my assistant, Lady Ren. She handles all of my emails. Be sure to check your spam inbox as sometimes it may have slipped in there. Be patient and wait for 72 hours for the email response. If you did not receive a response, the email may have been simply lost or pushed down the pile – try sending a tribute to bump up your application. Or perhaps your application was subpar – you may try again when you have matured. Remember, you are here to serve your Mistress, not waste my time and/or create more work for me or my assistant by sending multiple inquiries about your application.

Step 3 – Booking the Mistress

Once the long awaited email has graced your inbox, you have a green light to proceed with the booking. Send the deposit that is stated along with any further information that is requested. Be sure to follow the instructions to the T here. Where to send the deposit and how to send it along with anything else. The entire booking process is a test to see how well you follow instructions. You’ve made it this far, keep up the good work. Do not mess it up now. It should not take you more than 5 email exchanges to send the deposit.


Step 4 – Waiting for the Mistress

Once the deposit has been sent and all other information has been given to your Mistress, you wait until the date. During this agonizing wait time you may read over any information that was given to you, this website, watch my interviews, clips or chat with me on any of the platforms. However, if you do speak to me on any of the platforms – be sure you do not mention meeting me in person at all. Do not mention being excited about a certain date or anything of the such. Do let me know who you are though so that I can keep notes on what to incorporate during our session together.

All the email correspondences thus far have been with my assistant Lady Ren, will you ever get to speak to me? If you require my presence on such preferences prior to meeting with me, you may ask for permission to have an audience before me to express them.

Step 5 – Serving the Mistress

The day is finally here! How your body tingles and shakes with all that is about to come true. Calm those nerves, re-read those emails and especially the page on how to have a successful session with me. You have all the instructions on what to do and where to meet me. Have fun and do as I say.


Now you know how to properly book a session with Miss Mae Ling. You may take the first step and submit an application here.

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