It’s that time of year again! The time where you prove your devotion, dedication, and loyalty to the Goddess you serve and adore. I know, you spent all year trying to prove your worth to her; shouldn’t it be enough?! The answer is no, you can always do better and you can always work harder for her. After all, she deserves the best. Although you have spent all year consistently giving her your best efforts, there are some times of the year where it means more, like her birthday and now of course the time of year where everyone gives and receives gifts. But what could you possibly get the Goddess something who has everything? Don’t get your panties in a bunch, read this blog post to get the perfect gift for your Goddess.

The Gift that NEVER Goes Out of Style – Ca$h/Bitcoin

Sure, you’ve tipped and tribute your Goddess all year round, but let me tell you – it never gets old. You really should be giving her that Christmas bonus. It’s better than a gift card honestly. A gift card limits where she can spend it, with this option she has full control over what she gets to buy with it. It’s not just cash, it is the possibility of buying her a drink, a meal, a massage, a vacation, time away from the hustle of work. Mmm, nothing beats cold hard cash. Wait a minute, there’s one thing that does beat it – Bitcoin. Yep, this one actually is more like an investment. It goes up and down like stocks but overall it is a safe bet that when she does want to spend, she’ll be getting more than what you actually sent her. So why not get more bang for your buck and send her Bitcoin, trust me…it hits differently.

The Gift for the Growing Goddess – Educational Materials

One can never stop learning. She can be hungry for knowledge, feed her! If she is in school, offer to pay for her tuition or books. If she is learning and growing to be a better, badder, boss Goddess, offer her further BDSM education. There are a multitude of mentors or online material out there for her to sink her teeth into. Talk to her about fetishes and kinks she’d like more exposure to. If you’re lucky, maybe you will be her guinea pig to test out her new skills. To get started, check out the following:

The Gift for the Goddess Who is Never Home – Travel Sized Gear

Your Goddess loves to travel and go on tour, trust me, she could always use more room in her luggage. Get her things that’ll increase that space. A new luggage that has all the necessary compartments, packing cubes for her clothes, travel size liquids container already filled with lube and toy cleaner, and travel size toys. Sex toys and BDSM gear can get quite heavy and bulky, find her favorite gear that is high quality and smaller. Her play bag and wardrobe will now have a wider variety of things to toy you with. Can’t wait to celebrate with her? Ask your Goddess about her Fly Me to You (FMTY) requirements.

The Gift for the Minimalist Goddess – A Bucket List Experience

Your Goddess may be someone who doesn’t care for materialistic things. They are just items that end up cluttering her precious space. Instead of getting her something, opt out for getting her something she’s always wanted to do. Make her rich with life experiences, whatever that may be. If you’ve actually listened to her all year long, you’ll remember things that she’s always wanted to try. Maybe she’s an adrenaline junkie and wants to go sky diving or bungee jumping. Maybe she wants to go fine dining with her girlfriends and not you. Maybe she wants to jet ski to a remote area and swim with dolphins. Maybe she just wants a quiet getaway with her partner – cucky, it’s your time to shine. She provides you with mind melting experiences all year long, it’s her turn.

The Gift for the Sex Goddess – A New Sex Toy

Don’t be selfish and think about what toy you want to see her using. No, not for your beta eyes – you can never satisfy her. Splurge on a really decadent sex toy for her pleasure, while you are denied and locked up in chastity. She receives lingerie, clothing and other toys all year long – but they’re mostly for her business. Things that were used to film with or use on others. Put her first and give her something that is actually for her. Not all sexy things are necessarily required to be used to make her money. No, she needs to fuel her creativity and inspiration with just good old self love.

The Gift for the Goddess Who Wants More – Check Out Her Wish List, Duh

She has literally made it so easy for you. She’s picked out things for herself and all you have to do is push on the BUY button. Seriously, nothing has ever set you up for success more than her wish list. Looking to really spoil her? Empty her whole wish list! Buy every single item on there. Can’t afford all of it? Pick a few things that you can afford, she’ll appreciate it. Be sure to check her website for a gifts page where she’ll list all of the ways you can make her happy.

The Gift for the Quirky Goddess – A 3d printed Dino Dick

You’ve seen them around and wondered where can I get my hands on a dick that’ll actually make my Goddess smile. Well, right here actually. You can email my admin puppy admin@playmaterials(dot)com to order one in one of 3 sizes (be sure to choose a size that’s larger than yours): 4inches, 6inches or 1 foot. The colors vary from bimbo pink to glitter black. She sees dicks all year round, why not cleanse her eyes with something adorable and cute where she’ll be excited to share with others. Maybe she’ll send you dick pics. The perfect dickoration for any Goddess.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, even if she doesn’t…no one will reject a gift. It is always a good idea to buy or give her something. Not only will it boost you up on the ranks of her favorite pets, but it should feel good to give to your Goddess. Be sure to give without any expectations of receiving anything back. Trust me, the more you give selflessly, the more she will share with you because you brought her true joy. So go forth my little elves and give your Goddess the best holiday gifts this year.

If you are looking to get yourself a gift that is fitting for the both of you, consider booking a unique holiday themed session with her, binge on her clips, have a long conversation over the phone with her about what you’ll be eating this holiday season (food porn is definitely a thing), text her photos cute holiday photos attached with tribute of course. It’s the time of year to connect, share and bond. Get to know her better and give her a glimpse into your life.


What is your favorite gift to give?

Comment below to let me know, or better yet – send it to me.