The moment has finally come! That buzz of energy that just wants to smacked right the fuck out of you. That release of all control from a real time session to finally reset and calm your mind. The hand off of your chest allowing you to breathe in that sweet air that is Miss Mae Ling’s scent. I will be opening up real time sessions to the public starting May 10th, 2021. I will be completely vaccinated and full of antibodies and stoke.

No the pandemic is not over and yes; I think we are still far from it. However, my own personal risk has decreased and I feel safe about opening up in person sessions to the public. Keep reading to ensure you have the privilege of serving me in person.

Session: Mask On/Mask Off

If you are fully vaccinated, yes, we can play without a mask. That’s right, you will be able to see my gorgeously adorable smile – the reason why you do anything I tell you to. Vaccinations cards along with ID are required to be verified. Did you lose your vaccination card? You will need to provide me information/email confirmation that you have been fully vaccinated.

Not vaccinated? Our session will be with a mask, which means anything including the use of that hole is off limits (any consumption, spit, breath play, etc.). If you are not vaccinated, a negative covid test is required within 4 days of the session.

There are no exceptions to these rules so save your breath and do not ask me to bend my rules. I respect your wishes to do whatever you want with your body and expect you to respect my boundaries. 

session with mask

Session Safety

I have always cleaned my playthings rigorously with 70% alcohol, boiling or medical grade disinfectant. The only thing that will be left dirty is your mind. No amount of alcohol will sanitize the things we’ve done.

west coast sessions

Travel Sessions

Having quarantined all of 2020, I will be traveling around this summer, escaping the Vegas heat and toying with you. For the dates that aren’t listed I will be in Las Vegas (or on some remote island – detoxing digitally), so go ahead and plan on making that pilgrimage to sweat for me.

  • Off the Grid, Middle of Nowhere May 28 – June 6
  • Los Angeles, CA June 18 – 21
  • San Francisco, CA July 15 -21
  • Portland, OR July 22 – 28
    • Sessions will be taking place at Sub Rosa.
  • Seattle, CA July 29 – August 2
  • Los Angeles, CA August 15 – 23
  • Seattle, CA August 24 – September 2

Before you East Coasters get your panties in a knot; if all goes well, I will continue to the East Coast in September for Pittsburg, DC, New York and Boston. Stay tuned as I finalize my dates with those.

Booking a Session

To apply to serve me in person, be sure to complete the application form here. There is no other way to book a session with me other than this form unless you are a current existing sub of mine. The application form is the first step in booking the session, no application – no serving me. I will respond to you within 48 hours after receiving the application. If you believe you would serve me well and I have not responded, you may send an email attached with tribute to encourage your application. I am now booking for May 2021. 


Can’t Wait for Our Session?

You can serve me anytime by watching and bingeing on my clips on my preferred clipstore here. Or you can chat with me on my preferred platform here. Please note that whilst we may chat about what the session may look like, do not mention the actual session itself with details as platforms do not allow for in person meet ups.

Who Else is Doing In Person Sessions?

Am I not in your city? Are you seeking to be a slut for everyone? You can check out the FemDom Society to see who else is doing in person sessions again.

This post is part of the FemDom Society,  insightful and thoughtful writings by an order of superior Dommes.

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