While the heat really scorched up Las Vegas, I decided to be a reverse snow bird and enjoy my summer elsewhere. Having spent my entire summer away from my home in Vegas, I am most certainly happy to be back in the desert. Literally looking at my cacti and writing this blog post right now. As this was my first tour ever as a pro domme, there were plenty of things I learned, felt and will remember. Here’s some insight as to how my summer tour changed my business.


Covid is a great way to filter clients!

I know, yes – we are sick and tired of this topic. However, let’s just rip off the band aid quickly and get this subject over with, shall we. As a pro domme who is already very particular with whom I choose to share my energy and space with, another thing to consider was Covid safety. Before Covid, there was screening your potential clients and now with Covid there is getting to know them up close and personal even before meeting them. This gave me insight into their social circles, habits and work life. I learned a lot about each individual and called judgment on whether or not it was safe to meet with each person. With this additional factor, I was able to filter out even more and only attract those who are aligned with my own safety boundaries. As a pro domme, you can never be too safe with whom you are meeting.

Location is Key for Pro Dommes Best Work

Having been stuck in Vegas for over a year, it was definitely time to spread my wings and dominate different cities. As a world traveler, I enjoy being in new places and seeing what the world has to offer. As a pro domme, I enjoy being in new hole in the wall places and seeing what subs have to offer. So, where did I go? San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, New York and ending it back full circle at San Francisco (Folsom Street Fair) again. Wow, even saying out loud is a whole mouth full. Which, I’m sure you all know what a whole mouth full feels like. Why was location so important? I mean how do you choose where to live and work? If a place doesn’t call to you, you mustn’t spend the time and energy going there.

I chose to go to these locations at this exact time because it was the most optimal summer experience. Beautiful enough to walk and bike around and enjoy the great outdoors whilst seeing a new city. I was able to balance out my tour with some outdoor hikes and while the desert is a vast open space, I did miss trees. Being able to frolic around in nature to rejuvenate myself in between sessions was highly necessary to continue my two-month journey.

pro domme mae ling seattle

But how did I actually choose these spots? A lot of people were begging me to come dominate these cities. So I gave it a try and went, there are some cities that I fell in love with and will definitely frequent back to (San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC) and some new ones that I’ll explore (San Diego, Miami and Orlando are next).

Food is the way to This Pro Domme’s Heart

When on the road, taking care of your own health is an ordeal. Starting with what you put in your body, that sacred temple. Although it can be tempting and easy to eat out every meal, it won’t serve you. When I was able to squeeze in time to for a quick bite to eat it was always something healthy, clean energy to keep me going. So healthy snacks like fresh fruit and dips and chips were a lovely gift from sweet subs. A great way to start the session is to always arrive with gifts. Don’t know what to get her? Some healthy snacks are a sure way to give you some brownie points.

What I found to be quite a treat were dinner and domination dates. Eating out at mouthwatering restaurants was exciting! It meant that my subs were interested in truly serving me and getting to know me prior to the session. When they say the way to man’s heart is his stomach – I think that was a mistake because I love me some fine dining and let’s just say I found an alternative path to his heart. So from here on out, I will be prioritizing dinner and domination dates, longer time spent together and it’s what makes me feel best. Pro dommes gotta eat and trust me, sharing a meal can be quite seductive or humiliating depending on the play.

Pro Dommes, Play Things and Good Company

It truly doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with good company, right? Yes! It could be a city where I can’t even place on a map (Pittsburgh – yes, I didn’t even know what state it belonged to), but as long as I’m surrounded by adoring subs it’s what truly makes my visit. A pro domme with her bag of toys and no human play toy to use it on, well is just a woman enjoying her peace and quiet. Without the screaming yelps and begging for mercy, there’s a stillness in the air. Or rather a sub that you allowed into your energetic space and shared time with that isn’t the same wavelength as you can be so much more draining. So go to a place with quality subs that you vibe well with. It’s way more fun and isn’t work when play with subs who you match well with. Are you already picky and choosy? Good, be even more so!

Service Subs are a Pro Domme’s Little Gold Nuggets

It’s the little things that count, especially when you’re traveling. Clean laundry, bringing you a latte in the morning, carrying your suitcase and bags, booking spa and massage appointments, driving you around – all things that really make for a comfortable stay in a different city. I won’t lie, the secret to me being able to travel for so long and go on a two-month tour was due to the help of my little gold nuggets in these cities. There are so many errands and little things to do and when a service sub can do those things up to your standards, it makes your life so much easier. Allowing me to focus on my business and actually rest in the little time I had. I could go on and on about how service subs are wonderfully helpful but I’ll save that for another blog post.

There you have it, 5 things that I learned from my first tour as a pro domme. There will be plenty of more tours in the future and new protocols and practices to make my travels even softer and more enjoyable. After all, you have adoring subs around the world eagerly waiting to please you – why not curate it in a way that truly serves you best. To see if I am dominating your city, you can view my travel page. Am I coming to your city? Lucky you, you may apply to serve me.


What lessons have you learned while on tour?

Comment below and share, baby Dommes and seasoned Dommes alike we all love learning from each other.