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Watching you writhe under my hands, pleases me. 

​These are a few of my favorite kinky twists to make you do so.

Your imagination is what limits you, these select few should not limit you either.

​If you do not see something, you may respectfully inquire.

Sensual Bondage

Kinbaku, sensual Japanese rope bondage, is a beautiful dance where I lead using rope to twirl you into serenity.


An energetically playful way to crush you and show what true female domination is. Making you hurt for my amusement.

Humiliation/Diaper play

The sound of my laughter is music to your ears as I am the master puppeteer and orchestrating your every move. 

Double Domme

I enjoy sharing my toys. 


Her every move is under my control to toy and tease you, to please me.


I enjoy the swirl of multiple energies. There is a wide variety of things we can do, on top of mixing the above activities. After meeting and seeing the dynamic of the group, we can flow the energy in a unique way that cultivates erotic beauty.

I Do NOT Engage In

Sexual services
Pussy worship
Illegal activities


You may address me as Miss, Miss Mae or Goddess.
Messages to me are to be clear, concise and respectful. Anything that is not deemed fit to my standards will be ignored.


Arrive clean and on time. If you are running late, please notify me promptly. 

Time is reserved before and after the session for communication of needs and after care.