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A therapeutic way to absolve yourself and release all emotional and mental blockages.

Miss Mae Ling is The adorable Domme, a Las Vegas and Los Angeles based dominatrix.
​She seeks to find the true person that is inside of you, cutting through all the exterior and relating with your desires and deepest emotions. The raw truth is what she’s after.

Your mind is the only limitation. Calm your body.
​Free your mind. See what’s on the other side.

Miss Mae’s
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5 Ridiculously Shameless Things to Do in Seattle

Just admit it, you’re a perv. A kinky individual that just wants to constantly knock your socks off. Whether you are in Seattle for a business trip, pleasure or live there, try completing these 5 kinky shameless tasks. If you are there for business or pleasure, it...

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Currently in Athens, Greece

Traveling to Oslo, Norway
May 25 - June 11